TransWorld Aero provides sales and service of aerodynamic decelerators for personnel, equipment and supplies. Personnel systems include emergency bailout equipment for pilots of varying different aircraft style powered and non-powered. Equipment systems include recovery systems for your Light Sport Aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Radio Controlled gear, and even hang gliders. Humanitarian resupply cargo bundles can be built and maintained as well. The resupply bundles can be configured for all types of aircraft insertion platforms. These resupply items are built to order.

We offer all fundamental parachute rigging services from the basic repack to minor and major repairs. In addition to maintenance services we are proud to offer custom fitting, and instructional workshops for newly purchased equipment. This gives you an opportunity to not only get to know your gear, but get to know your riggers.

Custom fabrication work ranging from simple gear bags to custom canopy covers can be made to order. We can also assist in determining the correct equipment for your needs and enabling your acquisition of such items.

Our service is our signature. We know well that without our customers we would not exist. If you feel you have been cared for and valued as a customer, tell a friend. If not, please tell us so we can make it right.


Inspection, Repack, and Recertification

Pilot Emergency Parachute (back type)

Pilot Emergency Parachute (seat type)

Pilot Emergency Parachute (square back type)

Military Style (back type)

Military Style (seat type)

Military Automatic Style (back type)

VIP Pack Job
(watch your rig being inspected and packed)

“I need it right now, I have a competition tomorrow”


Basic Square Patch (minor)

Container Wash

Miscellaneous Container Repairs

Major Repairs (hourly shop rate)

Automatic Activation Devices

Unit Install (AAD ready rig)

Unit Install (modifications required)

Custom Fabrication Work

Hourly rate @

Plus cost of materials








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