TransWorld Aero began with luck having brought to Mike the FAA symbol with his initial licensing of TWA. Together combined with his involvement with the parachuting community he started the company in Gresham Oregon. TransWorld Aero has recently relocated to Lancaster, California, better weather to support their passion for the sky. “Blue skies and calm winds”
Mike has been an active parachutist since 1996. Initial military tour of duty began in 1988 as an Avionics specialist. Mike served dutifully during the First Gulf War. Afterwards, he entered the civilian community as a professional salesman in the apparel industry. Late into the world of parachutes, he made his first drop on December 19, 1996, a 30th birthday present to himself.

Following some of his fathers’ advice from childhood, “find something that you really love to do, then find a way to make a living at doing it. You will never have to work again a day in your life.” After mowing lawns as an adolescent didn’t prove to be his passion, he began his quest.

Mike has done just that. With ten years of service for the US Air Force, serving as an Aircrew Flight Equipment Craftsman. He has been working to support the Pararescue community since 2001. In doing so he has worked with many different aerodynamic decelerators to include personnel, equipment and supply delivery systems.

He is an FAA licensed Parachute Rigger who has apprenticed with some of the more legendary Master Riggers in the industry. As a member of the Parachute Industry Association, Mike attends regularly the International Symposiums to continue his education as a Professional Parachute Rigger. Having recently experienced the soaring of a sailplane, Mike is moving forward in pursuit of another goal, to become a pilot like his grandfather.

Karen has spent the last 14 years serving the country as an airline flight attendant. She has travelled the world many times. Having worked in one the more demanding industries known, she has learned the extraordinary skills of survival in the service of customers. She has been training for her Private pilot license in powered aircraft.

Together Mike and Karen wish to provide their professional services and products to the community of Aerodynamic enthusiasts. They love to travel and meet new friends. They are currently living in California.